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Android Vs Apple

Apple iOS and Android are the two fast developing mobile operating system which share similarities and differences on the basis of their hardware and software. These operating systems are devised for smart phones, pads and ipods and belong to 4th generation. These are the most modern technologies that are pretty fast and somewhat mind blowing because of the amazing features both have for the users. There are differences between Apple iOS and Android which is necessary to know when we are going to purchase a mobile phone.

SourceCode (Apple Vs Android)

Both have different sources as Apple is a closed source and has disclaimer to use this operating system on any other mobile phone companies while Android is open source purchased by Google and any mobile company can use this operating system. Apple does not give access to its users to the software and takes this responsibility of software development on its shoulder easing customers experience with the phone.

Google is continuously improving its applications and developing new applications to facilitate the user with the desired features. Google has also offered from the user side to add and develop application and allow them to interact with the software to edit or add new applications. Basically Linux is making Android software and shows better prospects in the future to have rivalry with Apple as presently ratio is 300,000 : 200,000 :: Apple : Android.

Operating system (Apple Vs Android)
Apple has an individual operating system reserved only for Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod and tablets. It has its very own unique operating system with no further categories. It is the sole proprietor for the Apple devices and still having the prominent position in industry among various mobile operating systems.

Android is derived from Linux and is further divided into different versions. You cannot say that one Android is similar to other there are variations like Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Ginger bread and Honey comb and future version is expected as ice-cream. All are slightly different from one another or you can differentiate them as old or new versions of Android.

Networking (Apple Vs Android)
Android is leading in this feature as it facilitates all community platforms to interact with others anywhere on any topic. Among these are facebook, twitter, delicious, etc. You become the part of vast network and become the effective member of this global village whereas Apple has a limited social network and does not promote globalism yet the part of this globe.

Connectivity (Apple Vs Android)

 Android has the benefit of having Google’s platform so all the features like Google’s search engines, GTalk, Gmail, youtube, and even G maps are supported so it becomes a dynamic experience to have Android operating system. Apple has its own mailing patron and lacks other facilities like gmail etc.

Security (Apple Vs Android)
Android being a social network and an open source is more prunes to the viruses and security threats. There are security holes you can say leave readily for the sake of improving the software with the help of passive language programmers and hobbyists who have passion to develop software

Apple has a tight security system as not only its operating system is locked by Apple not to access but also security patches and bugs are intended to secure Apple mobile to its greater extent. Apple’s Apps are only downloaded on Apple’s devices after authentication procedure.

Utitlity (Apple Vs Android)
Apple is loaded with more than half million applications offers many utility features like gaming, office pack, filing system, skype, air printing, air play and my iPhone all are dynamic features to enhance the mobile using experience. Android also supports many utility feature however its applications are less in numbers than Apple iOS.

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