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What is the difference between a laptop, a Netbook, a notebook and Tablet PC?

  This is the question of most computer users. Is there any difference between them. If so How Are They Different?

What is a Laptop ?
The term “laptop” can refer to a number of classes of small portable computers. A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard, flip-up monitor and space for built-in optical or floppy-disk storage drives. Netbook,Notebook and Tablet PC are the sub classes of Laptops.
Example : Dell Studio , HP Pavilion Series Laptops

What is a Notebook ?
Notebook is new class of Laptop. A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard and a flip-up monitor. It does not have space for built-in optical or floppy-disk drives, but instead provides communication ports so that an external drive can be connected. This allows a notebook to be much thinner than a laptop.
Example : Lenovo ThinkPad (All ports are integrated . Optical Drive placed with no Drvie Door )
Nowadays term Laptop and Notebook refers to both a gadgets (Same)

What is a Netbook or Mini PC ?
A smaller, lighter, more portable laptop. It is also usually cheaper than a full-size laptop, but has fewer features and less computing power. Smaller keyboards can be more difficult to operate. There is no sharp line of demarcation between netbooks and inexpensive small laptops.some 11.6″ models are marketed as netbooks
A mobile computer with a keyboard smaller than full size (some are less than half the size) and a flip-up monitor. As with a notebook, it does not have space for built-in storage drives, but does provide ports for connecting an external drive.
Example : HP Mini 5103, Sony VAIO W Series.

What is a Tablet PC ?
These have touch screens. There are “convertible tablets” with a full keyboard where the screen rotates to be used atop the keyboard, and “slate” form-factor machines which are usually touch-screen only (although a few older models feature very small keyboards along the sides of the screen.)
A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard. It has a monitor that can be opened and then twisted around to lie flat on the keyboard, with the screen pointing up. The monitor can then be written on. A touch-sensitive layer in the monitor allows handwriting to be captured and stored.

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