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What You Need to Know about Android Tablet?

The barrier technology is rapidly increasing in the current market to the public and confuse customers with their needs. It occurs when exploitation  Internet information will show millions of answers to your questions. And you will be confused to choose a better and suitable for you.

This topic is in fact related to Android tablet PC market, which is a great choice, higher quality and cheaper for you? It really depends on your needs and is also closely linked with the economy the consumer. Surf the Internet, learn typing, entertaining games, movies, education and learning. So what are your main goals for the need to choose a tablet PC?

In fact, in this modern era, producers and production technologies are not capable of generating a machine or technology that full and complete facts only in one tablet. It must have advantages and disadvantages. If they have the advantage At one part, of course, there is a shortage on the other.

Topic of this entry will explain to you the introduction to the Android Tablet PC and network. There are several key points and tips to be shared here so that they allow you to select the best Tablet PC for you.

What You Need to Know about Android Tablet? 
  • Version of Android (Android Version) (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.2, 4.0) 
  • Central processing unit (CPU)
  •  Rawak Access Memory (RAM)
  •  Saving space Dalaman (Storage)
  • Real Android Market Software or Market China market?
  •  Screen touch barrier (Resistive) or Screen capacitive touch (capacitive)
  •  LCD or LED Screen?
  •  Port type USB (USB 2.0 or USB mini)
  •  Router USB + LAN
  •  HDMI Port
  •  Determination of Android tablet pc
  •  Broadband model supported for devices
  •  3G Setting

Android Version 

Above is a list of important things that you should know before you buy  a Android tablet PC . Every version of the android system has different abilities and their own ability to perform the Android system. Every version and tablets have their own limitations based on the version, Prossesing Central Unit (CPU) tablets and also Memori Random Access (RAM) for the duration of the cycle the device. This is a very valuable partnership that you know your rights as a consumer.

Version of the Android system:
To read more, you can visit the site below;



 Central Processing Unit ( CPU )

Central processing unit (CPU) is part of the integrated circuit (IC), a computer running an operating system command software program to perform arithmetic operations, logic, and input / output system basis. CPU plays a somewhat analogous to the brain in komputer atau bersepadu. Istilah circuit has been used in computers and electronic industries. Design and implementation of CPUs have changed dramatically since the earliest examples, but they are still a lot of the basic operations of the same.

Among the IC CPU brand used in the tablet PC ;
- Telechips
ARM System-
-Wonder Media

The names above are a number of chip giant electronics manufacturers in Asia and internationally. It is high quality and is used discretion to all current technology devices, mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks and computers.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

 RAM is available in Tablet PC devices mostly is between 256 MB, 512 MB ​​and 1GB. Picture below shows an example of a RAM is used for operating Tablet PC. RAM function is to allow the stored data can be accessed from any orders within the time constant (Constant time).

Storage( Internal Memory )

Internal storage space is also known as electronic data storage (Electronic Data Storage) is storage which requires electrical power to store and retrieve data. Storage devices that do not require vision and brain to read the data fall into this category. Electromagnetic data can be stored either in analog or digital format on a variety of media. This data type is considered electronically encoded data, whether or not it is electronically stored in the semiconductor device, as it is certain that the semiconductor device used for recording media. The processing of electronic data storage media (including some form of computer data storage) are regarded as fixed (non-volatile), ie, the data will remain stored when power is removed from the device. Instead, most of electronically stored information in many types of semiconductors (computer chips) microcircuits volatile memory, because it vanishes if the power is removed.

It is also available in the form of external storage space, such as external hard disks, SD cards and other connected devices.

Among the advantages device external storage space is:

  •        External storage provides additional storage other than in a computer.
  •       Data can be easily transported from one place to another.
  •       It is useful for storing software and data that are not needed often.
  •      External storage also serves as a data backup.

Real Market Android Market 

Android Market is an online software store developed by Google for Android OS devices. The entrance is a program application ("app") called "Market", marker on many Android devices, which allows users to browse and download mobile applications produced by third-party developers. Users also can search and read detailed information about the application in the Android Market website. If you want to make sure that your market is the android market and non market is China Market Application, when you download an application or game and you can check your accounts are at Real Android Market;


Check the My Library page, it displays the applications and games that you have downloaded to the tablet pc or mobile phone 'installed'. This check you will see after you check your Gmail account into the Android Market site. If it is not visible and accessible sign, it means that your market is the market Android Market-made imitations. it distinguishes the true Android Market Real market with a false market.

Resistive Screen & Capacitive Screen

Capacitive or resistors: what the best type of touch screen?



USB connection

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the industry standard developed in the mid-1990s to determine the cable, connector and communications protocol used on the bus to provide connectivity, communication and power between computers and electronic devices.

USB is intended to standardize the hardware connections, such as keyboards, pointing devices, digital cameras, printers, portable media player, disk and network adapter for personal computers, both for communication and power supply. It has become commonplace on other devices, such as smart phones, PDAs and video game consoles. USB has replaced many earlier interfaces such as serial and parallel ports, and a separate power charger for mobile devices.

Setting the Android System   

Setting the Android system is very simple and user friendly. It's easy and quick to learn by new users in particular and the need to explore the system for future facilities. Android version of the system which is updated according to the degree is to facilitate the user in the form of the system and the icon that it is easy and quick to respond to the user in an application. Setting a updated is also not much difference with the previous version of the setting, but it will be upgraded so that the system can run more smoothly and stable when used in applications or games.

So far,i hope that you all can accept the sharing of the introduction of the first series of reference for the new users Android Tablet PC and its network. Hopefully this entry are helpful for android newbie.

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